Anonymous Public Librarian

Because Tumblr is there, and someone's gonna ask.

So now I'm posting a chat. I thought this was for talking to other tumblr users, (like you know CHAT!?) Turns out it's for reporting conversations you were involved in or overheard, or heard about etc.

Mom & Dad:

"What's the magic word?

Little Kid "Now!!"

“Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.”

—   Popularly attributed to Groucho Marx. 4 down,3 to go!

Wikimedia Commons

So this is a link post (#3 if you’ve been counting).  I’m doing one of each type.  If you can remember what the dashboard looks like you may even note that I skipped the quotes.  I’ll do it next so as not to be too confusing.  As intimated in my previous post. This one is the (briefly) anticipated link to Wikimedia Commons. I like getting content there because no one will bug you about posting their copyrighted content because it’s all public domain!!! 

This my 2nd  ever post is a picture of a card catalogue.  I don’t know why I need to explain this as most people I teach are old enough to remember these.  I thought it would go nicely with the ol’ fashioned look of my tumblr theme.  I got the picture from Wikimedia Commons by searching the term “card catalog” using American spelling.  When in Rome… (and that includes virtually)  Normally I would include a link, but I’m going at a slow pedagogical pace and saving that for the post-a-link feature

My 1st EVER tumblr post

Woo hoo!  Move over Perez Hilton!